Front-end Skills

As a full-stack developer, I have to do the front-end stuff. I have experience to implement complex layout under pixel-perfect inspection.


I have experience in REACT. I have developed many react components For Gutenberg Builder and for other project. View React Project. I have also experience in REDUX, CONTEXT API, NEXT JS etc.


Nowadays PWA and AMP become more popular among the web industry. I have also experience to Build website with PWA and AMP.


I like to write SCSS rather than CSS. I like the DRY concept & SCSS is very useful in this case. I like to use variable and mixin feature which offered by SCSS, Even I have created several mixin(SCSS function) for my daily use.

Javascript Skills

Javascript is one of the most popular languages through-out the web industry. I have to use javascript to fulfill client requirements along with build my current development workflow.
You can consider me as a mid level javascript developer.

Back-end Skills

Along with the front-end I have to do the Back-End Stuff. I always try to write secure code by following standard code and code which perform well.


PHP is my first programming language. I have knowledge in OOP, Class, namespace and other advanced PHP concepts.


I consider myself as a Mid to Pro level WordPress Theme & Plugin Developer. I have Contributed in WordPress by developing Plugin's(2). I know how to develope custom WordPress Theme and custom plugin. I have also experience to build custom website with WooCommerce. You can visit my WordPress Profile to know more about my WordPress experience.


No doubt that nodeJS is currently one of the most powerful and popular thing to write web application Back-end/REST API. I have experience to create REST API, Dynamic nodeJS backend website etc. You can consider me as basic to mid level nodeJS developer.

Communication Skills

During the COVID lock-down i had to work remotely with my team. My manager provide/assign task via G-Meet, And make the project Sprint planning in ClickUP and for small bug fixing we often use Trello. For internal communication we have use SLACK, Facebook-Workplace etc.

Server Side Skill

I have experience to set up a Linux server with Apache, Nginx, MySQL, FTP, PHPMyAdmin etc. I know how to host a web application in Linux instance which is highly scalable.


During passed 3 years I have completed/contributed in many websites/project's which include personal, professional and open-source project. To get list of my project please Contact with me.

Career Timeline


I can help you by providing following services:

Build a Custom Site

Develop a custom design full site with all the common functionality to manage your content.

Develop Web Application

Develop Custom Design Web Application With complex functionality.

Develop E-Commerce Site

Develop Custom E-Commerce Site with most Common functionality.

Develop Front-End Component

I can help you to build UI element/component, with custom functionality

Implement New Feature in your application

I can help you to implement your new idea into your existing web application.

Bug Fixing

I can help you to fix the bug in your website.

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